Should I have a website?

Should I have a website?


Well, this is usually the top questions clients murmured on if they are hesitant to make the move, ..oh so and so suggests them to have a website for their business, is it important or I can just have a Facebook page?

The clear and firm answer is yes!

The reason having your business or service website is very crucial if you are to scale and sustain and keep your user updated is that; There is nothing like loyal customers in this world. Everyday customers’ behavior changes. And over time, if you are not on the internet of things, to adapt to modern technology, and customer behavior that is swiftly on the move and those that have already changed while you were sleeping, yes to adapt to the digital age it takes your presence on the internet -Your website with your products and service offers waiting for a click.

To drive the point home, let’s say a neighbor who relocated yesterday, yes, your new neighbor next door is looking for business-related needs, he/she is not going to go for a door-to-door inquiry to bump into your services/products. He’ll just type on their phone “ABCDE” services. And ta-da, the other providers are ready to serve him, and off he goes to another company?

How? Simple! your services or business does not have any online presence. Yes, in today’s world, user behavior is tech-driven, it doesn’t care whether you are the best or not. If customers cannot access your services and products at their fingertips, you are left behind forever.

From small cafes, ice cream sellers, startup businesses, speakers, singers, or even small-town electricians owns a website. why don’t you?

Are you wondering about the costs?

Relax, we got everything discounted for everyone according to their pocket here.

Let’s discuss your need now!

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